Our company was established in 2001 in Isola Rizza at 25 km. from Verona.

Our aim was to bring the Classic Italian upholstered items all over the world.

We started with only few customers and now we are exporting our production in many different countries.
We can satisfy many different customers: the one who wants to have nice “Made in Italy” items with a reasonable price till the one who wants exclusive and luxury items.

Thanks to our constant research in classic models, new finishing and fabrics, we can satisfy every requests.

Mobilsedia 2000 Srl

The upholstered furniture made by Mobilsedia 2000 is very elegant and suitable for many applications, thanks to its different shapes and dimensions. The Mobilsedia's style and design can satisfy many different costumers. With this upholstered furniture you can decorate your indoor and outdoor spaces, to make your home e special place where spend special moment, with special people. Mobilsedia 2000 is not only a brand, but much more: is a concept of home living, an idea of design, a philosophy to decorate home. All those things are made with love, passion and experience. This is why to take home the Mobilsedia's upholstered furniture means to take with you a piece of Mobilsedia's history. And above all, it means to have at home a piece oh Italian style. This is the made Italy classic upholstered furniture.

When you come back home after a hard day's work, the only thing you want is to have a moment of rest, relax and peace. You can have all those things thanks to the Mobilsedia's furniture, that has been created to make better your life.

Visit our web site and find the perfect furniture for your home. Don't miss the chance to make your home and your life beautiful.